Beam Mixer

RGB Laser Module

TEKJP, Inc. has developed the world's smallest level full-color laser module that integrates the optical components red, green and blue lasers by using "Beam Mixer" technology.
It is possible to obtain a collimated beam which is completely a single beam.
Stable laser is emitted in a wide temperature range (- 20 to 60 deg.C).

    1. ■BMM-001:High Power Model(for Projector)

    W 9.9 mm x H 3.0 mm x D 11.7 mm (0.28 cc).

    ・RED Laser:Typ.638nm, > 90mW
    ・GREEN Laser:Typ.520nm, > 60mW
    ・BLUE Laser:Typ.450nm, > 50mW
    ・Color to Color Misalignment:≦0 degC

    1. ■BMM-002:Small Power Model(for AR)

    W 9.0 mm x H 2.5 mm x D 7.4 mm (0.17 cc).

    ・RED Laser:Typ.638nm, > 2mW
    ・GREEN Laser:Typ.520nm, > 2mW
    ・BLUE Laser:Typ.450nm, > 2mW
    ・Color to Color Misalignment:≦0 degC

Laser Projector

  • ・BMP-001:MEMS Mirror Projector
  • ・Custom MEMS Mirror Projector

Application development

Product development using Beam Mixer technology.

About Beam Mixer Technology

Our technology is mixing multiple light sources using the MEMS PLC.
With this combiner, it can combine multiple lasers into one complete beam.
This figure shows that the three beams are combined, but the number of connections can be any.
The in/out efficiency of the MEMS PLC can reach 50% or more, and the output of the semiconductor laser diode can be effective use.
It may be used to combine communication IR lasers, as the wavelength allow from visible light to IR.